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Helpful Hands, The Northeast Regional Early Intervention Collaborative, Inc.  (NREIC) is a not-for-profit organization whose goal is to promote quality, family-centered early intervention services in Bergen, Hudson and Passaic counties. Helpful Hands offers family education and support, professional training and technical assistance, and serves as a link between the state agency for early intervention (EI) in New Jersey, (the Department of Health & Senior Services-DHSS) and the region. The NREIC also serves as the regional single point of entry for EI and hub for regional data collection.  Helpful Hands is one of four early intervention collaboratives in New Jersey.

Helpful Hands is a collaboration of parents and professionals working on behalf of infants and toddlers with a variety of developmental delays and/or disabilities. Helpful Hands seeks to ensure that all families are empowered to help their child grow to his or her fullest potential.


Helpful Hands-NREIC

65 Willowbrook Blvd., Suite 206

Wayne, New Jersey 07470


  What is Early Intervention?

Early Intervention (EI) is a system of supports & services provided to children ages birth to three (3) who have developmental delays and/or a medically diagnosed physical or mental condition that causes a high likelihood that a delay will develop.

Early intervention recognizes and respects the important and central role of the family in the child’s life.





Where to start? The first step …

An early intervention evaluation is the first step if you have concerns about your infant or toddler’s ongoing development, or a physician has suggested a developmental evaluation.  There is a state-wide toll free referral number for early intervention:


Your questions will be answered by an initial service coordinator housed at the NREIC.  The early intervention system, through funding from DHSS, will provide an evaluation at no cost to your family.

Help for your child & family is only a phone call away!



 If my child is eligible…

If your child is eligible for EI, under Part C of the Federal Individuals with Disabilities Education Act, your family is entitled to receive:

·          Evaluation & Assessments;

·          Service Coordination;

·          Individual Family Service Plan (IFSP);

·          Procedural Safeguards.

Supports and resources for your family & child will be identified by the IFSP team. Also, EI may offer other supports and services such as developmental intervention, speech, physical or occupational therapy, and/or family training.  The determination of your child’s early intervention services is based upon the individual needs of your child, the priMary concerns expressed by your family, and your family’s unique resources.

You may be charged a portion of the cost of these ongoing supports and/or services depending on your family size and income. Your ongoing service coordinator will help with any family cost share materials or questions.  

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Any questions about Helpful Hands-NREIC?

(973) 256-8484

Fax-(973) 256-1233

Helpful Hands


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The role of the NREIC is to:

·          Coordinate the network of EI provider agencies;

·          Provide professional technical assistance and education opportunities;

·          Advocate for policy changes to improve the EI system;

·          Provide Family Support, including parent education, resources, and family activities;

·          Informally mediate family concerns.


Ways to get involved with

the NREIC:


·        Volunteer for the Board of Trustees;

·        Volunteer on committees;

·        Attend Workshop/Training;

·        Participate in Fundraising events like the Golf Outing or Casino Night;

·        Make a 100% tax deductible contribution to the Special Needs Fund.





changing the future

for infants and toddlers with developmental delays, and their families….

For the better!








The Northeast Regional Early Intervention Collaborative, Inc. is funded in part by New Jersey Department of Health & Senior Services with funds from Part C of the Individuals with Disabilities Education Ac
















A New Statewide Toll Free Referral Number



Effective July 1, 2008 the NJEIS is regionalizing the system point of entry (SPOE) for referral of children, birth to age three, with developmental delays and disabilities. This toll free number replaces the direct referral for early intervention through 21 county numbers. Families and priMary referral sources will now only need to call 1-888-653-4463 to refer a child to the NJEIS.

For children, birth to age 21 with special health care needs referrals continue to be made through the 21 county Special Child Health Case Management Units (SCHS-CMUs).

The SCHS-CMU referral numbers can be found at:

The Early Intervention System (EIS), under the Department of Health & Senior Services, implements New Jersey's statewide system of services for infants and toddlers, birth to age three, with developmental delays or disabilities, and their families.









Helpful Hands NREIC

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   Wayne, New Jersey


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 "Our mission is to enhance the capacity of families to meet the developmental and health related needs of their child."  

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